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i’m just gonna tell anyone who cares to know

I feel kind of pathetic for this. I’m 18 years old and there’s some age old things I won’t let go of.

At my church, there’s this girl whom I’ve had a crush on since we were babies. Since I’ve moved back here, whenever I’m at church I have to fight to take my eyes off her. We barely talk past “hello” and even that is less than casual. I don’t even know if she’s in a relationship; the last I heard, she was dating one of the boys in the church (my other friends). 

She is this amazing, intelligent, kind of rebellious girl; tall, dark skin, dark brown hair, lovely brown eyes, and a breath-taking smile. I nearly died when she updated her Facebook photo.

And to make matters worse, my mom won’t stop teasing me about her. 

I need a girl who I can keep my mind on, and off anyone else. I want someone who I can make it last with. I want her now!

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