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My mom used to be afraid to show me “Roots” when I was younger, not because she thought it was too mature for me, but because she was afraid I’d start to hate white people.

All she had to do was let me live in the realm of reality…

..but I have white friends though

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serial stranger: NEVER FORGET?


There has never been another large historical event that has it’s decedents be told to ‘get over’ than the ancestors’ of the enslavement of millions of Africans transported across the Atlantic.

There has never been such any formal set of reparations for the 300+ centuries of…

I’m no racist, but let’s call it what it is: it’s because it didn’t hurt white people.

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A Hymn to Humanity


Lo! for this dark terrestrial ball
Forsakes his azure-paved hall
A prince of heav’nly
Divine Humanity behold,
What wonders rise, what charms unfold
At his descent to earth!


The bosoms of the great and good
With wonder and delight he view’d,
And fix’d his empire there:
Him, close compressing to his breast,
The sire of gods and men address’d,
“My son, my heav’nly fair!


“Descend to earth, there place thy throne;
“To succour man’s afflicted son
“Each human
 heart inspire:
“To act in bounties unconfin’d
“Enlarge the close contracted mind,
“And fill it with thy fire.”


Quick as the word, with swift career
He wings his course from star to star,
And leaves the bright abode.
The Virtue did his charms impart;
Their G——-! then thy raptur’d heart
Perceiv’d the rushing God:


For when thy pitying eye did see
The languid muse in low degree,
Then, then at thy desire
Descended the celestial nine;
O’er me methought they deign’d to shine,
And deign’d to string my lyre.


Can Afric’s muse forgetful prove?
Or can such friendship fail to move
A tender human heart?
Immortal Friendship laurel-crown’d
The smiling Graces all surround
With ev’ry heav’nly Art.


-Phillis Wheatley 

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