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Just something I put in one of my new favorite band’s Facebook inbox

"I don’t know if you guys actually read these (I hope you do). I just want to say I’ve recently discovered Machine Head and have since been swallowed whole by this band *giggity*. As an artist, your music has inspired me greatly to new ideas, as well as finding new ways to invoke different strong emotions into my music and writing.

Recently, a song that has captured me is “Clenching the Fists of Dissent”. Lyrically, it represents everything I believe about people uniting for a cause; it had me crying on the bus on my way to work the other day. It’s these kinds of powerful songs that drew me into metal four years ago.
Today it had me thinking about the idea of revolution. The whole occupy movement, the Arab Spring, and then the iconic figures who were assassinated in their struggle to bring about positive change in the world. And in that moment I realized that a lot of the “revolutionary suicide” attitude I think has been diluted by pop culture. People today are either too afraid to imagine that fight, or glorify it because of the over-hyped legacy of martyrdom and the thrill of rebellion and violence. Most people barely even understand what it is we fight for. The truth of the struggle should be about protecting your freedom, having the courage to speak for the oppressed, and a desire to shut down corrupt systems. I realized just how lyrically perfect that song is (at least for me). It touched my life just when my hope for the future began to waver. It reminded me that I can not give up on my fellow men just because a few of us choose ignorance. It’s a love for my people that keeps me strong at the end of the day.

I hope you guys don’t read this and think “Here’s another Che Guevara” (probably too late lol). That was just an example of one song. Don’t even get me started on “Be Still And Know”.
I really just had to share my testimony of your band, and let you guys know that your music is soooo important to our lives. Keep that shit up!! 👍

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No military option in Syria


It is time to think seriously about intervening militarily in Syria, argues Steven Cook today. He joins a small but growing chorus pushing for such a move. Some parts of the Syrian opposition have moved toward requesting an intervention, albeit with serious reservations and furious internal disagreements, as has the Emir of Qatar and some other Arab officials. And then of course, there are those who have been pushing for hawkish policies toward Syria for years who have seized the moment to push for action, and others who generally support military solutions. This is the kind of temporary coalition which can drive real policy shifts.  

It is easy to understand the urgency behind such a call. The brutality of the Syrian regime has produced unspeakable atrocities which challenge the conscience of the world. The daily death toll, and the horrific videos and images which circulate freely, can easily make the passions overwhelm the interests and push us to set prudence aside. I supported the intervention in Libya, and believe strongly in the importance of advancing regional and global norms against regime violence. 

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