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I do not wish here, naturally, to defend eudemonistic or even utilitarian theories, though I must confess that in comparison with the mechanistic world-view the most vulgar hedonism appears singularly profound.
Lev Shestov, Potestas Clavium (via outofthedarkness)

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The effect of speech upon the condition of the soul is comparable to the power of drugs over the nature of bodies. For just as different drugs dispel different secretions from the body, and some bring and end to disease and others to life, so also in the case of speeches, some distress, others delight, some cause fear, others make the hearers bold, and some drug and bewitch the soul with a kind of evil persuasion.
Encomium of Helen - Gorgias (via nancyizazn)

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I really think I want to study Rastafarianism

When you think about it, it’s another Protestant belief (all Christians go to the same Heaven) with deep African roots. But I’m not making anything certain until I do some research. No, this is not an excuse to smoke, and yes, unfortunately I’m gonna have to back up off the pork for a while. Heck, I might study it and find something I disagree with, but I can’t know until I look into it myself.

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Politiks As Usual: Science and religion both take a tremendous amount of faith, are both...


Science and religion both take a tremendous amount of faith, are both guilty of heinous crimes against humanity, and have both been misused greatly by the all powerful and wealthy ruling elite. They both are also consciously and unconsciously a mix of truth, lies, and misunderstandings, and I’m…

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